It’s not all Rock/Metal here. The original is great, but this is one of the few cases where I prefer the cover.


Captain Love

The Bridge

The Lamb


The new Clutch album is awesome (naturally). Already one of my favorites.

X-Ray Visions

Son of Virginia


While the manuscript is with my editor, I thought I'd reveal the cover for the third book in The Tyrus Chronicle, Resurrected Soldiers.

The illlustration is by Mario Teodosio. You can see his other work here. As usual, the cover design is by my wife.

A description and release date are forthcoming, but my goal is a late December release.

Let me know your thoughts on the cover!

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A very underrated band from the punk/glam era that few people ever talk about. Trash is a particular favorite of mine.

Personality Crisis (Live)

Trash (Live)


I’ve mentioned before that my new job takes a lot more of my time than my previous employer, which unfortunately has cut into my writing/editing time quite a bit. However, there are a few perks to the company and position. For instance, a couple weeks ago I was sent to a week’s worth of training in Seattle. The days were pretty long, starting around 7:30am and not ending until usually well after 8:00pm since dinners were scheduled each night. But, a bright spot to the trip was that I got to drive several trucks that most people will never get the opportunity to.

Overall it was an awesome experience. The first truck I drove was a DAF (common in Europe). Unlike transport vehicles here, the trucks are automatics. Therefore, it felt like driving a much bigger SUV. As seen in the picture below, I drove it without the trailer.

I was lucky enough to drive a second truck as well. This one was a Kenworth and included the trailer. It, of course, had a manual transmission which I didn’t know how to drive. Funny enough, I stalled it out. Thanks to the guy teaching me in the passenger seat, I was able to get the hang of working the clutch while he shifted (something he did for everyone). Though I may have struggled at first, I was one of the few who kept their vehicle in the lane and took the turns without letting the trailer wheels drift off road. Both were much smoother rides than I expected. Overall, good stuff!

One of my favorite bands. Such an amazing album…one of the few ones I can listen to on repeat for several days and not really care.


Dialogue with Stars (Instrumental)

Worlds Within the Margin