I had my doubts about the new Arch Enemy album, but I gotta say they were unfounded. The music is better than it’s been in a while, and Alissa does a great job on vocals. After quite a few listens, I think I prefer her vocals over Angela's.

Good stuff.

War Eternal

No More Regrets


Such a great voice with tons of emotion.

Death Letter Blues

Grinnin in your Face (Who needs an instrument when your voice is this good?)


In anticipation of the release of the third volume in The Epic of Andrasta and Rondel within the next couple of weeks, here is a sneak peek of the map for the book. The Tower of Bashan takes place within the city-state of Bashan in the country of Kindi. Andrasta and Rondel are in the city to complete their goal of obtaining the powerful Jewel of Bashan. 

Keep an eye out for the official release of  The Tower of Bashan: The Epic of Andrasta and Rondel, Vol. 3!

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It’s been a bit quiet here due to some traveling to visit family, a computer dying, immediate family getting crazy sick, and a bunch of other stuff going on. Needless to say, life has been pretty frustrating at times which led me to thinking about the below song.


And it’s pretty much impossible to think about Soul Asylum without thinking of their biggest hit.

Runaway Train

Very underrated band.


So many good songs . . . too hard to just pick a couple.

The Longest Time

Uptown Girl

Only the Good Die Young

Tell Her About It

It’s Still Rock And Roll to me


Herein lies the story of the dastardly case of “reply all.”

This past Tuesday at work someone accidently CC’d a global email option into a personal email chain about a minor business issue (nothing major). This automatically copied thousands of people that make up the Strategic Business Unit (SBU) I work under as part of a really large corporation.

What resulted was madness.

Within a few minutes, dozens of people responded to the email chain with question like “I think you made a mistake.” “Why am I on this email?” “What is this?” And many more….

This is a dumb move because rather than reply to just the sender and let that individual know of the error, these people hit “reply all.” That meant that the same thousands of people who got the first email also got their ensuing replies.

After a while people began replying with variations of “Please stop hitting reply all. This was obviously an error.” In order to make sure their obvious display of intelligence stood out among others, these people changed font size, color, boldness, underline and so on. Some even added quite a few exclamation points to drive the point home.

Oddly enough, these same people were doing what? Hitting “reply all.” Again, thousands of people got these emails.

Some people realized their hypocrisy and would add a tag line to the end of their “For the love of god, stop hitting reply all” emails that said “Yes, I know I did it too, but really you guys need to stop.”

Some people started arguing back and forth about their use of “reply all” by . . . continuing to use the “reply all” feature. Therefore, thousands of people saw further proof of their idiocy.

During this time, there were still some people continuing to respond to the original email with “I think this was sent to me by mistake.” “Can someone remove me from this email chain?”

You would think that with several hundred emails in their inbox (all with the same subject line), these people might want to pause and see what was going on before replying at all to the first email.

The best response during this two-hour study of absurdity was one person who didn’t write a single word. He just responded with the picture below.

Admittedly, I thought that was actually a good use of “Reply All.”

This went on for several hours and since I work for a large GLOBAL company several of the emails were in other languages such as Spanish, German, Swedish, etc.

In the end, 270+ unnecessary emails were sent to an entire SBU simply because people didn’t think before responding and most importantly, did not understand that the “reply all” function should only be used with the utmost discretion.

Please don’t ever make this mistake yourselves.

A partnership formed. A friendship grew. Both are tested. Neither may endure.

The City of Pillars: The Epic of Andrasta and Rondel, Vol. 2 can be purchased from the following locations for only $2.99 in ebook form.

If you do not have an ereader or a phone capable of acting as an ereader and are interested in reading the story, you can always download the Amazon Kindle application for your desktop or laptop and read it from your computer.

The paperback will be available at Amazon later this week for just $11.99.

Here is a brief synopsis of The City of Pillars.

A partnership formed. A friendship grew. Both are tested. Neither may endure.

Andrasta and Rondel have spent months in the city of Zafar, obtaining knowledge they will need to steal the famous Jewel of Bashan. Something goes wrong when pilfering an artifact crucial to their goal, bringing the wrath of the local authorities against them.

A beautiful woman helps them escape Zafar in exchange for their help recovering a family heirloom.

The seemingly simple job turns complicated as they learn the heirloom is in the possession of the feared Hubul’s Host, a band of warriors devoted to the Erban father of the gods.

Andrasta and Rondel face powerful creatures and unforgiving landscapes, none worse than the City of Pillars, a place once thought lost to time.

The City of Pillars is the second standalone novel in The Epic of Andrasta and Rondel.

Volume 3 (The Tower of Bashan) is also planned for a summer release.

To read an excerpt of The City of Pillars, click the “Sample” button below.

If you enjoy the story or any of my other works, please consider leaving a rating or review at the site of purchase as well as other places such as Goodreads and Librarything. Like many other indie authors, I do not have a marketing team working for me and a positive review (even if only a couple of sentences long) can go a long way in enticing others to give my works a try.

You can also shoot me an email at joshuapsimon.author@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for your continued support!

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